Toyota Scion iQ – The Smallest And Most Fuel Economic Car On The Line

It may not look like this tiny car packs a lot of power, but the 2012 Toyota Scion iQ comes with an electric engine and a lithium ion battery. The car has already been released in Japan, which slightly differs from the model that is being developed for the US. Not only is the Scion iQ cheaper than other electric cars, it also gets an estimated 65 miles per gallon of gas.

The tiny two seater may not be appealing to consumers with large families, but Toyota is already hard at work on a RAV4 crossover. The hybrid SUV probably won’t get the same gas mileage, but it will certainly be a welcome addition to the electric car family. The only thin about the Scion iQ that concerns car analysts is that its tiny lithium ion battery may cause drivers to have to stop their vehicles more frequently. On average, electric cars are able to go hundreds of miles without needing to refuel, but they also come with batteries that are substantially larger than what’s under the hood of the Scion iQ.

Toyota hasn’t officially released a price for the Scion iQ, but purchasers will be able to get a $7,500 federal take credit just for being involved with renewable energy. After Toyota finishes up testing the Scion iQ in Europe, the company will begin marketing the car for US consumers. Depending on sales, Toyota may expand the car into an entire line of vehicles. What the Scion iQ lacks in style, it certainly makes up in sustainability.

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