Record Number Of Auto Complaints Received By NHTSA In 2010

After a year of several heavily publicized car recalls, US motorists lodged a record number of complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2010. The agency does not think that there were necessarily more dissatisfied car consumers, but they do think that more people became aware of their existence. Usually, motorists would complain to the car dealership who would them refer them to the automotive maker. If no headway was made there, unhappy drivers would appeal to local government agencies. Until this year, a great deal of drivers didn’t even know that the NHTSA was a consumer advocacy group and that they had the power to for automotive companies to change their policies.

The Toyota recall center around acceleration issues made consumers aware of the fact that even well trusted car companies could suffer major setbacks. The NHTSA was very vocal about the issue, and urged Toyota owners to contact them if they had experienced any issues with acceleration. By the end of December of 2010, more than 40,000 separate complaints were filed by the NHTSA. That is a huge number of complaints when compared to records from recent years. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officials believe that now that the public has been made aware of another venue to voice their concerns, the number of complaints will grow in the coming years. Several car manufacturers have added safety features that will cut nearly eliminate recalls in the future, but parts made by outside companies are still an issue for consumers and auto makers alike.

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