Political Commentator Offers Unsolicited Opinion On The Volt

Although Rush Limbaugh admits that he doesn’t have much working knowledge on cars, that didn’t stop him from slamming both Motor Trend Magazine and the Chevrolet Volt for reasons that are not entirely clear. At the 2020 Los Angeles Auto Show, Motor Trends Magazine named the Chevrolet Volt as the car of the year. The cutting edge electric car beat out a lot of worthy competitors, but given that Motor Trend Magazine is a highly regarded publications, they certainly made the best judgement. Limbaugh, who likely hasn’t even test driven the Volt think that Motor Trend made a bad choice because the car is not yet available for purchase. Perhaps Limbaugh should have read up on how the cars were graded, because most of the time total sales figures are not considered.

Motor Trend waited awhile before responding, but in a scathing blog post, Motor Trend’s Todd Lassa makes reference to the political commentator’s past drug issues. Limbaugh has opening criticized the automotive industry as a whole after the government decided to allocate billions of dollars to GM, Ford and Chrysler. While Limbaugh is entitled to his opinion, telling a car magazine how to pick a winner is probably where the line should be drawn. After taking a look at the type of cars that Rush Limbaugh drives, it is obvious that his affinity for foreign cars may have temporarily clouded his judgement. Once Motor Trend struck back, no one has heard a peak out of Limbaugh. Perhaps he was able to get into the front seat of the Chevrolet Volt and had a change of heart.

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