Obama Said to Be Taking Credit for Auto Industry Rebound

News from the President of the United States, Barack Obama, has reached the press that he believes the auto industry in the US will not only rebound from its past collapse but that it is now well on its way to being the top producing industry in the world once again. The statement took place at a pep talk the President gave to factory workers gathered at a Ford plant where he was just before heading out to a campaign fund raising dinner for his Democratic Party. Obama is celebrating the fact that America’s Big 3 auto makers, Chrysler, Ford and GM, are all operating at a profit once again and he described the recovery that the car companies were able to pull off as a miracle pulled off with the help of US tax payers and an industry that has proven its ability to adapt to changing conditions. When Obama first took office, the auto companies were all on the brink of total failure, but a round of federal bail outs through a stimulus plan helped 2 of the Big 3 recover. Ford was the only company not to accept the funds. The President stated that Ford did benefit from the bail out due to the prevention of lost jobs and improved confidence in US brands throughout the entire chain of auto supply companies.

The Ford plant, located in Obama’s home turf of Chicago, is set to add another 1,200 jobs soon and Obama said he believes that the $400 million loan given to companies that are redesigning their manufacturing plants to help produce vehicles that are more fuel efficient.

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