Nissan Having A Difficult Time Keeping Up With Leaf Orders

It appears that all of Nissan’s marketing for its newest all electric car has paid off. More than 27,000 customers have pre-ordered the Nissan Leaf but the auto maker has barely delivered over 1,200 models so far. The Japanese market has responded to the smart car technology strongly, but even though Nissan is headquartered in the very same country less than 1,000 motorists in Japan have gotten their cars. While Leaf has gotten strong reviews Nissan will need to increase production if they want to get the edge on Chevrolet. Nissan has stated that they would not be accepting any more additional orders until they are able to satisfy all of their outstanding orders. Electric car enthusiasts may not be able to purchase the Leaf until sometime in the summer, but by then the Chevy Volt will be available for purchase.

Loyal fans will hold out as long as necessary to get a hold of the Nissan Leaf, however, late spring has long been considered one of the main car purchasing seasons. Those getting income tax refunds frequently start car shopping a few days after they receive them. In the summer months, more motorists are traveling or going on vacations, which might mean that Nissan will have to wait until the fall before orders really start to pick up again. One thing is clear, and it is that consumers are really starting to understand the merits of smart car technology that will help them to save money on fuel and make an impact on the environment at the same time.

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