How To Diagnose Whiplash

Cervical acceleration-deceleration is the official moniker for a not completely understood medical affliction normally referred to as whiplash. Whiplash is a relatively common ailment that affects the neck, spinal cord, upper back, shoulders, and skull of a victim. Most frequently people will associate whiplash with a rear end automobile accident which is the reason whiplash injury compensation claims are so commonly submitted to insurance providers. However, whiplash and whiplash effects can originate from numerous different sources, some seemingly very innate and mundane. For example, simply standing up too quickly from a seated position can cause a minor form of whiplash while other more apparent sources are from auto accidents, not stretching properly before strenuous exercise, or craning one’s neck to look behind them. Although not completely medically understood, the essential happening in the event of a whiplash is that a particular spinal cord ligament becomes stretched, normally against the will of the victim.

Many victims of whiplash will sometimes be totally unaware they are suffering from whiplash. The most apparent symptom is obviously pain in the neck and upper shoulders, normally centered at the top of the spine. Other more telling signs include the feeling of pinpricks in fingers and toes, sudden onset of headaches, and having dizzy spells that subside quickly. Sometimes the effects of whiplash may not set in until well after the causing event which is why it is important for car accident victims to receive a physical exam shortly after any crash. Many insurance providers offer whiplash injury compensation claims to automobile accident clients which can be quite beneficial because although whiplash itself is simply painful it can lead to other complications in the cerebellum which are very dangerous. If it is suspected someone is suffering from whiplash consult a physician as soon as possible and encourage the patient to keep their neck still and sit in a straight posture to relieve any pain.

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