GM To Bring Back Last Of Its Laid Off Factory Workers

From 2008 until late 2009, every major North American auto maker laid off a huge portion of its staff. Since the automotive industry has slowly rebounded, companies such as Ford and General Motors have been rehiring previous laid off workers in order to boost production levels. This is great news for laid off workers as they were largely unable to find other employers that were willing to offer comparable pay. GM plans to rehire more than 2,000 workers that were laid off in the last few years as well as hire a new group of employees. Not only are industry analysts surprised that GM would work quickly to bring back such a large amount of their old employees, but it is equally surprisingly that they will be paid at exactly the same rates. Intensive negotiation with car union representatives had to take place before the deal was finalized, but this relatively short-term contract is set to expire in mid September of 2011.

GM has opened new plants in several different states, but it is not known if are planning on reopening any of their older factories. Newly hired GM employees will only be paid about $16 an hour, which is around half of what is paid to tenured employees. Given the current state of the economy, this rate of pay is extremely reasonable for unskilled and out of work factory workers, especially those living in more rural parts of the country. GM may also rehire other laid off employees, however, it depend on how well their cars sell next quarter.

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