Famed Car Industry Writer Passes Away at 79

An auto industry writer who has covered the business for more than half a century, writing for such noted publications as the New York Times, Forbes magazine and The Wall Street Journal, passed away in Hudson, New York at the age of 79 on the 7th of August, 2010. Jerry Flint was considered many things to auto reporters, being referred to by such titles as the master, the pitbull and the dean. He was noted for being the most experienced person to attend press releases in his later years, being quite vocal with his opinions about car companies and the way they marketed their products. Flint was well known for his straight forward and rather blunt questions, never being willing to spare the feelings of those he needed information from. Always one to ask the toughest questions, many in the auto industry had trouble relaxing when Flint was around, working on a new story. The reporter was well known for having the type of vast knowledge of the auto industry and its history that few would have been willing to match wits with – especially execs in the auto industry itself.

For Flint, many have said, the history and the business strategies of the companies that make up the global auto industry were the heart of his work. Many of today’s auto reporters have said that Flint shared with them many things about their industry that could have taken them years to learn and was always willing to engage cub reporters in an effort to educate them, though such an experience could prove trying for new writers.

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