Chevy Volt Set to Offer Gas and Electric Power

he Chevrolet brand made a big splash in San Diego recently by bringing its new Chevy Volt out to show the public, part of its series of vehicles which will make use of electric powered motors that are now arriving in the United States. Previously in 2010, Toyota had chosen San Diego to show off its Prius hybrid car that made use of plug in technology and also the Leaf from Nissan made its own appearance. While the Leaf uses only battery power and the Prius will switch over to gasoline when it is out of battery power, the Volt will take a different method by utilizing gas to keep the electricity flowing should the battery run low. This means that the car’s generator literally kicks in and begins producing the electricity from source gasoline, but the engine itself is not relying on gasoline to function. According to Chevy’s spokesman Dan Barthmuss, this means that there will be no need for a 2nd vehicle for drivers of the Chevy Volt because even for cross country trips, the car is able to run solidly from gasoline found at any service station and can wait to be charged until it is convenient for the driver. For most trips, though, the Volt is said to have enough power to cover it easily.

This bridges a gap that many have felt was crucial in the actual acceptance of an electric car in the US market since consumers often want the ability to go great distances should they need to. Figures from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics show that as of 2003, the average US citizen drives approximately 40 miles or less in their round trip from home to work and back.

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