Camaro and Equinox Helping GM Sales

Chevrolet has been a huge brand in the United States and many other nations as part of General Motors, Inc.’s star collection of brands. However, the past has not been kind to Chevy and it is now rebounding with some help from some of the star models that have helped it build a huge name for GM. New models have been a major boost to GM this year and with the latest of the Equinox and Camaro lines, the Detroit auto maker has actually been convincing buyers who would typically buy another brand of car to go for a Camaro or Equinox – a major form of success for any auto brand in the industry today. This process of winning over customers of other brands is called conquesting and is one of the biggest strategies that GM has been trying to use to bring car buyers into the GM fold. Chevrolet is the entry level brand that GM offers and it is what most consumers are familiar with when they think of the car maker. The Chevy Camaro had actually gone out of production back in 2002, but for 2010, the name plate was brought back with a whole new line that came out in 2009 to out sell the competing Ford Mustang and become the absolute leader of the sports car segment of the market today.

In 2010 alone, from the month of January until July, the Mustang from Ford was outsold by the Chevy Camaro to the tune of 47,524 to 53,864. This is good news because it means that well over half of Camaro buyers this year were conquests from other brands which GM does not own and no discounts were needed to convince buyers to switch to the Camaro. The Equinox, a cross over SUV, also doubled its sales from 2009 and has become a leading GM seller.

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