Auto Parts Sales To Help Revive The Auto Industry

Automotive consumers may be itching to purchase a new car, but for those that aren’t yet able to afford a new set of wheels, there are always auto parts and accessories. If you think about it, even motorists that drive 15 year old jalopies are likely to purchase new hub caps and a set of fuzzy dice. The auto industry hopes that 2011 will bring about a change in the market, and many experts are placing their bets on the sale of discount auto parts. The recession may have brought about a record number of job losses and home foreclosures, but these trying times have also shown many people that they are stronger than they thought they were. Former executives are comparing prices when they go to department stores and bachelors are no longer ashamed to pull out their coupon books. If saving a buck means the difference between paying your rent and affording groceries for the week, many members of the new ‘frugal’ generation are proudly admitting that they are a part of a growing movement.

As the Detroit Auto Show takes place, industry experts have been stating that the auto parts retailers will help the industry to make a rebound. Used cars are now at least $3,000 more expensive than they were just a few short years ago, and there owners have no choice but to purchase replacement parts whenever necessary. Some consumers have been scrimping and saving in order to purchase a new vehicle, but many others are holding onto their trust cars, even if it means that they will spend more in gas costs. The auto industry won’t be able to see whether or not their predictions come true for another few months, but in the meantime auto parts retailers are bringing in record level profits while car manufacturers still struggle to appeal to consumers.

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