Auto Manufacturers Looking To Put ‘Apps’ Into New Cars

While smart phones have become increasingly popular, automotive makers have been struggling to get new car shoppers to buy. For just a few hundred dollars, consumers can purchase a state of the art smart phone that will allow them to be connected with their friends, listen to music, surf the web and even edit documents at the same time. By contrast, most car makers only feature satellite radio and navigational systems that seem to be becoming more limited with time. Car manufacturers had previously considered developing in-car web based entertainment systems that would be able to rival the very best apps, but the project was scrapped once applications and mobile devices became nearly free. Now, the automotive industry is working on several different systems that will allow consumers to use harness the power of their smart phones and magnify it in their cars. First, several car makers are focusing on Pandora radio, which is a web based Internet radio station that builds song lists through user preferences. Almost 100 million people login into Pandora, so Mercedes-Benz is manufacturing a series of cars that include the self dubbed Media Interface Plus, which enables drivers to use their iPhones and connect to Pandora while they drive.

Several other auto manufacturers such as Buick, Hyundai and Ford are introducing their own versions of this smart phone friendly service. The general consensus is that consumers will be more likely to pay attention to new cars if they are able to use their smart phones to tap into the web safely while driving. Although it may not seem like these new features would lure in more customers, the auto industry has to use every opportunity that becomes available in order to boost sales. Auto experts think that these services paired with more conveniently accessible features will help to convince more consumers to buy in the future.

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