Antique Pickup Trucks Are A Big Hit With Classic Car Collectors

It is not uncommon to see fleets of classic cars being driven to classic auto shows on any given day in the US. From restoration to auctions, classic cars are a big business. Collectors have always held well maintained classic cars in high esteem, but they usually purchased only the most popular standard sized vehicles. Today, classic and antique pickup trucks are gaining a lot of popularity. Unlike many of the new super-sized pickup trucks you will find on the market now, antique pickup trucks were a lot smaller, almost to the point of being dainty. Most of the pickup truck bed covers you will find on these antique vehicles are just a little different from the variety you will find on today’s pickup trucks, too.

While collectors are rediscovering their love for classic pickup trucks, mechanics and sellers are finding that these vehicles can be very lucrative. When compared to the costs associated with fixing up a standard sized classic vehicle, pickup trucks are a far better buy. The parts are cheaper and the mechanical aspects of restoring antique pickup trucks make it easier for beginners to get involved in the industry. At a recent auction, a classic 1955 Chevrolet 3100 pickup truck went for an astounding $157,000. Years ago, classic pickup trucks were much more valuable to their owners than they were on the open market. The fact is that all older model cars have been increasing in value lately. Even cars that are just 10 years old have a value that is approximately $3,000 more than they were less than five years ago. With more classic car enthusiasts looking to purchase antique pickup trucks there will likely be an influx of new mechanics fresh out of auto school scouring their local junkyards in search of the perfect older model pickup truck to fix up for a handsome profit.

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